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Chances are, if your searching for a product like this, you have neck and/or back pain. The Posture Pump line of products was designed to not only relieve neck and back pain but also help to take care of poor posture. Engineered by a doctor with over 25 years of experience, this in expensive cervical traction device will decompress, reshape and re-hydrate your discs. I’m very glad i was turned on to this product and I’m hoping I can share it with others. Here is an introductory video, provided by the manufacturer, for more info. 

 In the home-based traction device market, this product really is the best in its price range. There are other, more expensive options but i can’t see why they might be necessary. This website should be used as an educational tool to let you decide on whether or not this product will benefit you and why. The other pages on this website will help you understand what it is we are dealing with and how we can treat it.

Also, the video section of the website has lots of content to educate you on the product.

 About the author

constructionI worked in the construction industry and my job was very physical. In my case, my back and neck problems grew slowly over time until it was a major problem, eventually forcing me to leave my job.

While trying to deal with the pain and figure out the best course of action to relieve myself of it, I tried various products and treatments with varying levels of success.  There were times where I had almost no pain at all, only for it to return a short while later. I was suffering from chronic neck pain, especially in the morning, and lower back pain caused by a herniated disc. I was also battling painful sensations down my right thigh, due to pinching of my sciatic nerve. After lots of time spent with traditional chiropractic treatments only and not getting the results I was hoping for, I was put on to cervical traction by my physician. For me, this seemed to be the treatment that worked the best. After a few sessions, I would be relatively free of pain and stiffness, especially in the mornings. Over time, the same pains would come back. The treatments seemed to be helping, but not lasting.

It turns out, a few sessions aren’t going to e enough. You need to be making regular visits to the chiropractor or physiotherapist and use their traction devices to get good results. 3 – 7 times per week especially in the beginning. The posture pump allows you to do all of this from home, very comfortably. It’s always there if you feel you need it and even if your not dealing with back or neck pain, it will improve your posture. I’ve been using it regularly and I would say about 90% of the pain i was suffering from seems to be gone. I haven’t seen my chiropractor in months and it feels great.

Backbone intervertebral disc anatomy lateral viewI’m very happy that i was able to find relief for my suffering and with this website, I hope to educate others on how to do the same. Living with chronic pain, especially in your back and neck, can be a total handicap. Relieving myself of this pain free’d me up to do a lot of the things I love again. The end goal here should be to avoid surgery unless it’s absolutely necessary and to take back your life and forget about living with pain and constantly worrying about it.




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